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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Local Running Stores Are the Best Choice

Most of us are tempted to go to our nearest Big 5, Sporting Goods, Kohl's.....even Payless to buy our running shoes. Why is this a good idea? Because they are cheap. Why is this a bad idea? Because you are not going to get the quality that you need as a runner. Cheap shoes are okay. I bought a $40 pair once. But they lasted me only about 2 months and I could immediately tell the difference in quality. However, the shoes I spend $80-$100 on last me 5-6 months. They cost twice as much, but they last more than twice as long. You do the math...its worth the expense.

That being said, I am a strong advocate for local running stores. The employees are almost always highly trained and very experienced runners. They will watch your gait and fit you with the shoe best for your running style. They know so much about the different kinds of shoes and what the differences are between them all. They can help you decide if you want a really light shoe or if you want more cushion. They can help you overcome that "but this shoe is prettier" mentality.

Not only are local running stores good for helping you find the right shoe, they offer a myriad of stuff you won't find at the big name retailers. They will offer things like running clubs,  fun local runs, and running seminars.

My local go-to running store is Runner's Corner. The staff is professional, friendly and so incredibly helpful. Every single employee is a competitive and knowledgeable runner. They know their stuff. I trust them completely to help me find the best shoe for me. I am so impressed with their staff because they aren't salesy or pushy. They aren't there to make you buy the most expensive shoe. They are there to help you find the shoe that is going to make you love running. The employees make you feel cared about as an individual and not just as a customer.

Runner's Corner---Personalized shoe fitting and analysis with an emphasis on prevention, technique, strengthening, and independence... running gear of every imaginable type! www.runnerscornerutah.com

Runner's Corner also has a large running club called the Sojourners. This club is awesome. They have a few different "teams" that allow any level of runner to participate. They have their elite running team that trains like crazy and wins races and they also have their fun running team for anyone who wants to join. Many of the local running stores will have some sort of club or team. The Sojourners is fun because they usually meet at least once a week for group runs. This helps you get to know your area and to discover new runs. You will meet other runners and be motivated. It is fun running with groups and having friends to chat with. Any runner is welcome no matter your skill level. If you are anywhere within 40 minutes of the Sojourners it is definitely worth the effort to make it to their group runs.

The other thing I love about Runner's Corner is their seminars. They invite well known runners, coaches, nutritionists, etc. to speak. The seminars are fun and informative.

Hawk Harper, owner of Runner's Corner is one of the nicest and most generous people I have ever met. He runs his store the same way. You know you can trust them. He gives generously to the running community through his service, time and knowledge. You will not find a more genuine running store owner.

Visit Runner's Corner on Facebook, at their website and in Orem to check out their awesome stuff and amazing staff. 

Check back on the blog tomorrow for a FREE GIVEAWAY of some sweet running gear from Runner's Corner!!


  1. I definitely agree on visiting your local running store vs. big box stores. Not only do the non-specialty stores not have a lot of the GOOD brands, they also don't have near the same amount of knowledge. I have to drive 45 minutes to my local store but it is worth it! I have occasionally bought online when I know what shoe I need... unfortunately with the price of gas it doesn't make sense to drive for 80 miles :(

    Kudos to you for supporting your local store AND posting about it!

  2. You support local running stores, but have advertisements for online shoe and apparel shopping? Seems a bit hypocritical... Just sayin'.

  3. Thanks for the comment Jordan! Thanks for the support!

    I support my local store...you can choose for yourself if you want to buy your stuff online. I do both.

  4. I love local running stores. Salt Lake Running Company has been fabulous to work with. As far as running ads for online stores, they both hold their purpose and not hypocritical. Sometimes it's hard to find a local store and ordering online can be easier. However, the staff at the local running stores are knowledgeable and willing to help. When I need to choose new running shoes, the local stores are the best place for me. They have treadmills and staff to analyze gait and help choose a shoe that works. But, some stores are small and don't always have the clothing I'm looking for, thus online retailers come in handy.

    Local stores definitely have the means to hook you up with a running group and a lot of information on local races. So if you have the time, support your local running store.


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